8 Years of Motherhood! What a Journey…

Eight years ago, I was celebrating  “Mother’s Day” for the first time … I was about to give birth my first child! and as everything in my life (at least until then) I… Continue reading

Tone it up! Mommy and Me Special Edition

I was working out while my daughter supposed to be learning jiu jitsu with her coach but I guess she found mommy’s workout more appealing LOL. Instead of stopping to sit down with… Continue reading


by Loana Duque – Nutrition Coach and Founder of FitLosophy Let’s be clear… we all love bread…and we all know it is not good for our bodies. A fresh baked baguette might seem… Continue reading


Hello everybody! It’s Monday… again! It seems that life has put me on the highway LOL. The good thing is that I woke up with a bunch of energy and I’m fully determined… Continue reading

Tone It Up!

Good Morning Everybody! Here a great abs and upper body workout to start the week full of energy! We did 4 sets of 20 seconds each exercise (rest 10 s) and a nice… Continue reading

Yuly360 Daily Fuel

I like to wake up every morning and remind myself the meaning of life and the beauty of living it in a happy, positive and smart way!            … Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A lot of upper body and core today at @tribalgym Great workout, great music (old old music LOL) and great company is a good way to describe my morning! We did 4… Continue reading

The Perfect Designer White Little Dress

This week I had the opportunity to attend to the Fort Lauderdale Beaux Arts New Members Luncheon. This event was hosted in the beautiful coastal home of one of the current members of… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A brand new day and a whole bunch of new opportunities to create 😉 I had so much fun working-out this morning. We did 3 rounds of 12 reps. Here my 5… Continue reading


  GETTING STARTED… THE DETOX by Loana Duque – Nutrition Coach and Founder of FitLosophy We’ve heard a lot about detox! That famous word! But… what does it mean? Simply put, a detox… Continue reading