Classy, Chic and Totally on Trend!

This morning I ran into my friend Maggie at my kids school, she is always so well put together but the outfit she was wearing this morning was to die for! Thank you… Continue reading

Stay at Home Mom? Stay Active, Stay Happy

First, I want to clarify one point… I did not use the typical picture of a woman with messy hair and dark circles under her eyes … The image of the stay at home mom has… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! It’s workout time 💪 We are welcoming spring with an outdoor workout! Here my favorite exercises of the day. We did 4 series of 1 minute each. Today I am wearing… Continue reading

Everyday Spring Look Ideas

This week, Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale hosted “The Shoe & Handbag Celebration”… Bibi Sieagel -VP/General Manager of NM and Lauri Jennings, Channel 10 News Anchor unveiled a stunning collection of everyday fashion to rock… Continue reading

Trendy Cocktail Looks for the Spring

This week I had the opportunity to go to the Beaux Arts Garden Glamour Luncheon. The event was a full house! So many beautiful ladies gathering together supporting a great cause. For this event… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Today I had an amazing workout! One of those you feel like your heart is about the explode, you are sweating like crazy and you feel like 🤢… yes! One of those you… Continue reading

Mother & Daughter Fashion

As parents we are role models for our kids, they are constantly looking at what we do, how we behave and even little things as how we dress… and in most of the… Continue reading

Tone it up!

It’s Monday!!! A brand new week full of opportunities to make things happen! I started the day with a very intense workout! One of my goals for this week is to start my… Continue reading

Morning fuel: A delicious and easy power Juice recipe

Mornings are always a little bit busy in our house… well to be honest I call it “the crazy hour”. I am not going to get into the “put your shoes on” mom tales… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Today I had one of those crazy mornings… I forgot to close the blender -so I had a juice party at my kitchen 😂  at 6:30 am. By the time I made it… Continue reading