It’s my turn

“When you are ready, the teacher appears, not to teach you what you want, but to give you what you need.” I use this well-known phrase to explain the birth of Yuly 360. A transformation… where pain led me to action to generate a second skin: the clothes that I design for you today. I studied with the goal of becoming an executive in a large corporation. Life, though, full of mystery, instead gave me a son who would give me the tools I would need to be strong. For a time, I was lost, knocked off the course I

Meet Athena: a warrior in every way.

Athena. As her name dictates, she is a warrior in every way. Athena is a 16 year old dual athlete. She trains aerials at Pixie Fitness in Pompano Beach and has been training and competing at the age of 9. She is also a competitive ice dance skater and trains at Panthers Figure Skating. During her free time, she loves to catch up on anime and manga shows and most importantly school work. Her discipline and talent have led her to achieve exemplary goals. At YULY360 we are proud to see ourselves reflected in each of her choreographies, supporting her

Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Breakfast is one the most important times of the day. Not only is it time to nourish our body but it is also a great way to establish the balance and cadence needed for the day ahead. Being grateful for the food we eat, what is important in our lives and the plans for the day ahead is great way to stay focused and have peace. We would like to share a delicious and healthy recipe to help you kick off your great day… who cares about the calories! Let’s live life freely and enjoy the moment. INGREDIENTS: 2 whole

Omega-3 is very often talked about as to whether it truly has benefits

By Azza Halim, MD It has been my experience as a physician and beauty and health expert as well as the many scientific studies have shown the many benefits. Omega-3 has many powerful health benefits for our body, brain, joints, and skin. In many studies and literature, it has been shown to have as much as 17 health benefits which have been supported by science.  Let’s start by mentioning a few of those 17 benefits:  1. Did you know that Omega-3s help with Depression and Anxiety which is very common in some form or another in all age groupsSome studies

Kitchen Utensils – Heavy Metal Contamination

By Loana Duque Materials from cookware can transfer to food and poison us. Heavy metals are chemical elements that tend to accumulate in the body and produce toxicity: mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, beryllium and aluminum. They are endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, accumulate in the kidneys or liver, damage the hormonal and immune systems and cause obesity and other alterations. CLAY: made of the safest materials. You just have to make sure they are enamel free (which may contain lead or cadmium) GLASS AND CERAMIC: they are inert, non-toxic materials. Chipped ceramic and cut glass, which contains lead, must be discarded.

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