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You Are 3 Steps Away to a Flat Belly

How Do I Get Rid of Belly Fat? This is a question that I get asked constantly! So I decided to talk with Kevin Albertini (@tribalgym), my trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning… Continue reading

Tone It Up!

Good Morning Everybody! Here a great abs and upper body workout to start the week full of energy! We did 4 sets of 20 seconds each exercise (rest 10 s) and a nice… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A lot of upper body and core today at @tribalgym Great workout, great music (old old music LOL) and great company is a good way to describe my morning! We did 4… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A brand new day and a whole bunch of new opportunities to create 😉 I had so much fun working-out this morning. We did 3 rounds of 12 reps. Here my 5… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Happy Friday everybody! I started my day with a very intense workout @tribalgym Here my favorite exercises for core. We did 4 series of 20 seconds each and 10 seconds rest between them… Continue reading

Tone it up! No equipment needed

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Let’s burn some calories!

It’s MONDAY! Time to sparkle, shine and exercise… Today my trainer Fabianna planned a crazy workout… it was very intense but now that it’s over feels so good! We did 3 series of 15… Continue reading


After 10 days without training (I had a cold) I am back and full of energy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Workout details: Workout type: legs, abs and… Continue reading


Today’s workout was all about planks! I really love doing planks (and hate it at the same time LOL), they are a great way to put your abs to work! I did 3… Continue reading

Let’s Burn some Calories!

Let’s start the week with positive energy and a fun workout! Today, trainer Fabianna and I worked legs, abs and upper body. Here our favorite exercises. We did 3 series of 12. Have a… Continue reading