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Tone It Up!

Here my favorites of the day, it felt great to start the day exercising! 💪 We did 2 sets of 45 seconds each. Aquí les dejo 5 de los ejercicios que hicimos hoy…… Continue reading

Open letter from a mom to that young lady at CPK

Dear young lady, You probably don’t realize this because you “obviously” don’t have kids yet… so let me do you the simple favor and help educate you on what it takes to be a “mom” should you ever… Continue reading

Letter from ME! A peanut allergy mom

Many of you in the South Florida community have heard the tragic news regarding 11-year-old Oakley Debbs. Oakley, from West Palm Beach, FL died over the holiday weekend from accidental ingestion of peanut… Continue reading


  About 2 years ago my dear friend Paola Cetares was working on the production of a documentary named Full Time Moms… Full time Heroes, she did an amazing job putting together the… Continue reading

What happens when your child ventures over to your bed?

How many of you have this situation at home? If you have smaller children, many I would suspect… Those night time visits often become the norm rather than the exception for a lot… Continue reading

Express dinner tonight, anyone?

Finding time to juggle our everyday demands is both art and science. The constant battle to keep the most important items at the forefront often pushes other things to the bottom of the… Continue reading


It’s Monday morning, you’ve made it to the office and/or your child’s school doorstep… there are just 2 minutes to socialize and get caught up on the niceties of the morning… Busy day… Continue reading

It is just me?

It is early morning, you finally accomplish the herculean task of successfully getting out of your house. The day continues… You drop off your kids at school and/or head to the office, just… Continue reading