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Leadership Coach and Author of the Courageous Leader, Angela Sebaly, shares with Yuly360 the secrets to manage the multiple roles women have, while taking time for you, your health and to do all the things you really want to do.

Full time… moms, wives, workers, heroes, you name it!

For many of us the days are packed with things to do, our schedules are non stop with all sorts of mom and business duties… We always seem to find a way to… Continue reading

Outfit of the Day: Sporty Chic Style

This is the perfect outfit for those days that we need to get a lot of things done… including  squeezing a quick workout! Always be ready without sacrificing style! Outfit details: Philosophy Sport Jacket… Continue reading

Do you need to RECONNECT with your other half?

There is no secret that after years of being in a relationship things CHANGE! Many of us have spent less than valuable cycles thinking about how “deteriorated” or “changed” our marriages have become… Well, after years… Continue reading

Expectation & Happiness? Do they go together

Last week I had an interesting 10 mile conversation with my good friend and author of “The Courageous Leader”, Angela Sebaly, about the basic things that bother many of us on a daily… Continue reading

10 survival items that a woman must have inside her car

MyKalon is all about being practical and proactive, never leave home unprepared! Here are 10 easy survival items that a woman must have inside her car for those days when she is on the go.… Continue reading