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6 Exercises to Toned Glutes

GLUTES WORKOUT | ENTRENAMIENTO PARA GLÚTEOS   20 reps each ⏰ 4-5 rounds 💡 Tip: puedes agregar peso en los tobillos si deseas.     Hola chicas!   Cuantas de ustedes están realmente… Continue reading

5 Exercises for Toned Upper Body

Work your way to a toned back with my fitness plan.

15 Minutes Killer workout!

  Your abs and legs will be on fire after you finish this short but intense, burn calories workout! This exercise routine, can be done at home or at the gym and there… Continue reading

Yuly360 Daily Workouts

Hello everybody! As many of you know, at the beginning of the year, I decided to challenge myself to exercise in a daily basis. I have been doing it every single day for… Continue reading


Good morning! As I always say, exercising is the best way to drain energy, get creative, forget about problems and get an endorphin overdose… FREE THERAPY!!! I just love the feeling of a… Continue reading

Tone it up! Mommy and Me Special Edition

I was working out while my daughter supposed to be learning jiu jitsu with her coach but I guess she found mommy’s workout more appealing LOL. Instead of stopping to sit down with… Continue reading

Tone It Up!

Good Morning Everybody! Here a great abs and upper body workout to start the week full of energy! We did 4 sets of 20 seconds each exercise (rest 10 s) and a nice… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A lot of upper body and core today at @tribalgym Great workout, great music (old old music LOL) and great company is a good way to describe my morning! We did 4… Continue reading

Tone it up!

Good morning! A brand new day and a whole bunch of new opportunities to create 😉 I had so much fun working-out this morning. We did 3 rounds of 12 reps. Here my 5… Continue reading

Tone it up!

This past Friday I had a busy day ahead… I was thinking I should skip the workout in order to do the other stuff but instead I decided to wake up earlier and… Continue reading