Activewear for Women: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Body Type and Lifestyle

Activewear for Women: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Body Type and Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing activewear, women should consider their body type and lifestyle. Wearing the right activewear can provide comfort and support during workouts, and can also boost confidence.

For women with a pear-shaped body, leggings and tops with a fitted waist and flared bottoms can balance out their figure. High-waisted leggings can also provide support for the lower stomach and hips. Must try: Allure and Blissful Flared collections.

Hourglass-shaped women can emphasize their curves with form-fitting tops and leggings. Crop tops and high-waisted leggings can also accentuate the waistline. Must try: all our leggings will work for you! Specially the Vibrant and Journey collections!

Women with an athletic build can opt for compression leggings and tops that provide support and enhance muscle performance. Loose-fitting tops can also provide breathability during intense workouts. Must try: literally you will fall in love with all our pieces!

For women with a larger bust size, sports bras with adjustable straps and back closures can provide the necessary support. High-neck tops can also provide coverage and support for the chest area. Must try: Vibrant, Blissful, bloomed, Miracle and reborn bras.

Lastly, women should consider their lifestyle when choosing activewear. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, moisture-wicking fabrics and lightweight layers can provide comfort and protection. For those who prefer low-impact workouts, such as yoga, breathable fabrics and flexible materials can provide ease of movement.

Remember, choosing the right activewear can enhance your workout experience, that’s why at Yuly360 we create a wide range of pieces and options for your unique needs!

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