YULY360 is born from a desire to encourage you to express yourself with the freedom to move… the freedom to move your body, move your mind, and move your spirit.

The road getting here from my idea as a young girl in Venezuela to the products for you to enjoy today had many twists and turns. Each one of the obstacles along the way propelled me to another step in the journey, and made the woman I am today.

This clothing line is made for you, real people, building strength every day as you navigate life’s challenges.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, just like humans.  Our models are never re-touched, not their bodies, not their faces, and not their beliefs. Just like you, they are perfect just as they are.

We want to inspire you to live life freely. Promote self-acceptance, encourage you to embrace your shape, express your beliefs, and drop the filters.

We don’t believe in labels! This line is not just for exercise; it is made so you can move freely and be who you choose to be.

Enjoy the journey and welcome to the YULY360 Movement!